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Welcome to Progressive Grocers of Jamaica Ltd

Our Goal

To be the supermarket of choice through quality products, superior customer service, total value, ensuring security for our employee and contribute to the community in which we serve.

Who We are

Founded in 1999, Progressive Grocers is the largest and fastest-growing locally owned supermarket chain in Jamaica. Progressive Grocers of Jamaica and our associates excel in community involvement, volunteerism and a commitment to our market areas and beyond. Progressive's commitment to diversity has contributed to our success in being a great place to work and shop.


Key moments in the distinguished life of Progressive Grocers. Progressive, a privately-held company operating stores in many cities in Jamaica, was founded by Sing Chin, Gladstone Loshusan, Ken Loshusan and Albert Lym. It has grown into one of Jamaica's largest supermarket chains with more than 15 stores and is one of the fastest growing grocery companies in the Caribbean.

Progressive Grocers of Jamaica Limited (Progressive Grocers) with its registered office at Lot 15 Twickenham Park Estate Spanish Town St. Catherine was incorporated on November 30, 1999. It was formed by a group of businessmen with over 200 years of combined experience in retail trade and commenced trading in December 1999 when it acquired the Welcome Supermarket in St. Andrew. The founding principals are Messrs. Albert Lym, Sing Slun Chin, Gladstone Loshusan and the late Kenneth Loshusan. The current Board of Directors comprises of Messrs. Albert Lym, Sing Slun Chin, Gladstone Loshusan and Bruce Loshusan and the alternate Directors are Messrs. Craig Chin, Timothy Lym and Mrs. Laura Loshusan-Arce.

On February 25, 2000, the company acquired seven (7) of the nine (9) Shoppers Fair Supermarkets, formerly owned and operated by the Matalon controlled Universal Stores Limited, a member of the Mechala Group (now ICD Group Holding Limited).

Progressive Grocers owns and operates twenty-two (22) supermarkets under the brands Shoppers Fair, Super Shoppers Fair, Progressive Foods, JR’s Bargain World Food Stores and D & Y Supermarket Wholesale and is also affiliated with seven (7) other supermarkets; namely, Sovereign Supermarket, John R. Wong Supermarket, Loshusan Supermarket, Super Valu Supermarket, Brooklyn Clock Tower, Brooklyn Twin Gates and Super Valu Fresh Foods Limited with an overall total of twenty-nine (29) supermarkets.

Progressive Grocers provides employment for approximately 1,800 individuals across Jamaica thus contributing to the social improvement and economic welfare of the country’s citizens. In its continued contribution to the country, the Company continues to renovate its existing stores and to build new stores to create additional employment opportunities along with modern technology to improve the customer experience. The Company supports local farmers by purchasing their local produce, beef, poultry, pork as well as local manufacturers of processed foods and beverages. In addition, it conducts business with approximately 600 vendors who supply goods to its supermarkets islandwide.

In 2014, Progressive Grocers established the Progressive Grocers of Jamaica Foundation Limited to continue its work in community development particularly those in which the supermarkets operate as well as to assist in general welfare programmes such as the Jamaica Cancer Society, Jamaica Kidney Kids Foundation and Food for the Poor, to name a few. In addition, the Progressive Grocers of Jamaica Foundation assisted in a programme connected to the University Hospital of the West Indies. Progressive Grocers is involved in a variety of social programmes. For the past three years, Progressive Grocers has been supporting primary and basic schools with its ‘Adopt-A-School’ programme by assisting the schools with playground facilities, furniture, infrastructure and donations in cash.

Today, Progressive Grocers of Jamaica Limited is known as the leading supermarket chain in Jamaica

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